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Ariana Marie – Varsity Vag

Varsity Vag

Varsity Vag

What a hawt uniform, Ariana! Did you cheer?
“Of course! I was nice-looking valuable when I was younger. I just sort of lost tons of passion for it when I started going throughout puberty. I got more and more interested in boyz! This isn’t my uniform, but I still have mine at home. I wear it sometimes on Halloween or when I am being additional wicked and am giving a woman chaser a sexy dance. I can still do the splits and backbends. That’s a crowd favourite! I haven’t met a smooth operator yet who doesn’t like how pliant I’m!”

Do you ever skip the knickers below the uniform?
“[Laughs] Not when I cheered for school! I could have gotten caught! Of course, I am not actually that big on knickers. I wear ’em solely coz I get to. I mostly rock the strap ‘coz it makes me feel hot. When I’m with a boy and I know this chab is truly into butts I’ll wear a constricted couple of arse shorts so my cheeks spill out. I adore giving dudes what they want. Y’know, eye candy.”

Why wear anything?
“Seriously! I would rather be bare. I suppose I’d love to try a nudist camp or smth. I just feel more fine when I do not have sexy clothes on.”

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