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Angel Smalls

Angel Smalls Angel Smalls
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After they receive married, Cutie Smalls and her fiance are going to inherit her father’s business. This gent retires in a short time. So while Daddy and future-hubby are on vacation discussing the details on how to hand over the business, Angel’s leaking the place. And she’s got problems. We all know the aged saying: when the cat’s away, the mice will play. And play they do! Her mechanics are an unruly group of studs, and they about to turn their bad behavior on the future owner’s wife…and their boss’s daughter! Do u think they care about her engagement? Or that engagement ring?! After all, since they all started working there, Gal harlots around, wearing skimpy sexy garments just to tanalize them whilst they labor for her dad. Now all these frustrations are about to be realized — and taken out — on all of slender Angel’s small holes!
Angel Smalls Angel Smalls
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