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Alex Tanner – Naughty Ginger

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Naughty Ginger

Welcome Alex!
“It’s so worthy to be here! I love that I am playing the amorous schoolgirl for you boyz. To tell u the truth, that is not too far from how I act already. I was on the homecoming court in school and had plenty of responsibilities, so I could pull people without class. I pulled the quarterback without English for a surprise bath oral enjoyment!”

Whoa, that’s beautiful wild!
“Yeah. This chab was the one who took my virginity, and we kept banging around for the entire school year. I even let him take up with the tongue my gazoo under the bleachers during an assembly. That was so rogering hot. We indeed taught each other everything we knew about sex. I got him into actually perverted sex, which I have always been fascinated by. I cum so rock hard when a guy’s strong hands are holding me down, gripping my neck or drubbing my ass. I guess I am a little immodest.”

Your slit is so fuckin’ smooth. What’s the secret?
“There’s no secret. Well, unless u call being a ginger a secret. My hair color is super fair, which means my body hair is light. I have gotten in a predicament coz of how smooth my cunt is, make almost certainly of it or not. One night a during the time that after I turned Eighteen, I went to this club. I met this actually cute smooth operator and we were making out in, love, 10 minutes of knowing each other. I decided to go home with him. When this chab slipped my briefs off this Lothario thought I was too young for him. I had to actually display him my license before that ladies man would copulate me. It was pleasure, though. For the rest of the night I talked love I was much younger just to tanalize him!”

Tell us, what’s your beloved way to be screwed?
“I really adore it all. My allies and I have all talked about what we most like. Some of them like normal-sized jocks, other angels adore bigger jocks. I suppose it depends for me. I adore a immense pecker when we’re in missionary, but I love a little bit shorter and thicker rod when I am being drilled doggiestyle. If I’m riding on top, then it’s gotta be right in the midst for me to cum. I had one super excited ally who told me that that babe preferred boyz with smaller weenies ‘coz they endevoured harder to make the goddess cum from other things, like oral-stimulation and fingering. I tested her theory once and this babe was absolutely right about it!”

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