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Alex Mae – Fresh Flattie

Fresh Flattie

Fresh Flattie

U are sexy, Alex! Tell us some of your dreams.
“One of the dreams I keep having is about hooking up with a teacher, but not a male teacher. I urge to eat a indeed hawt, voluptuous woman teacher’s vagina. I imagine her being really masterful and pulling up her pencil skirt and tearing open her pantyhose and telling me to eat her slit. That babe has a a fluffy but trimmed bush that tastes delicious.”

So are you ambisexual?
“Yes. I love both chaps and chicks. I’ve had several erotic encounters with cuties, and I’ve actually enjoyed those. One of my favorite times was with an ex-girlfriend who was into biting, spanking and hair-pulling. I liked that. She used a few toys on me, too.”

What kind of things turn u on? What makes your bawdy cleft luscious?
“I’m an exhibitionist so I like to show off and be viewed. I’m also kind of compliant and adore to be said what to do. That is why I suppose about my hawt teacher fantasy so much. There is something about a immense breasted bitch cutie with authority telling me exactly how to munch her carpet that turns me on so much. The same thing goes for bucks. A sexy aged lad telling me exactly how to suck his strapon and then demanding that I tell him how much I love him pounding my slit makes me so freakin’ lascivious.”

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