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Afterschool Diddler

Afterschool Diddler

Afterschool Diddler

Everyone is hot for Hayli.
But who is Hayli hot for? The answer may surprise you. “I have a major crush on one of my teachers. The thing is, she’s a woman, probably in her 30s. She is so sexy. I come home after school and masturbate to fantasies of her eating my pussy and teaching me to suck cock.”

So you’re bi?
“I guess I am. I always knew I liked boys. My teacher is the first woman I’ve ever been attracted to. I look forward to going to her class every day. Sometimes I ask her for help even though I don’t need it, just so she’ll lean over me while I’m in my desk. I smell her and try to imagine what it’d be like to taste her.”

What’s this about her teaching you to suck cock?
“I have a fantasy where she’s giving me a sex lesson on a guy. She teaches me how to give him head, and then we blow him at the same time. Then we take turns fucking him while she and I kiss, and she licks my clit while he thrusts into my pussy. I cum so hard whenever I imagine that scene.”

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