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Ace And Jayma

Ace And Jayma Ace And Jayma
Ace And Jayma @
Oh buck! What a pleasure time we had here. I know you lads recognize Ace, but u may not know my pal Jayma. She’s darn cute too. Jayma and I adore tons of the same things. Justin Timberlake, Gucci and some larger than run of the mill dark-skinned weenie. So when I said Jayma that Ace was coming over to bonk me, she begged me to let her come over. So I told OKAY! I do not know what it’s about Ace, but I indeed love his wang. Especially when it’s 10" inside of me. And what’s even hotter is when Jayma puts it in my cunt for Ace. It makes me lose my mind! XOXO – Katie
Ace And Jayma Ace And Jayma
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