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A Hot Day Just Got Hotter!

A Hot Day Just Got Hotter!

Our 1st check out Genesis Janes, who’s 22 and from Miami, Florida, is a admirable one. A very admirable one. ‘cuz she’s walking down the street wearing a very short skirt. And no straps. And her arse cheeks are bigger quantity than peeking out from under her skirt. Damn, half her arse is out! Hey, it is a hawt day, but that hot? And although Genesis is looking to phat down once this babe gets inside, all she does is heat things up…with her cum-hole and a sex-toy. Genesis says that babe doesn’t have any fetishes, but if you ask us, walking down the street wearing a short petticoat and no briefs sounds like a fetish to us. For the record, she’s 5’1″, 118 pounds, measures 34-26-36 and fantasizes about having sex on the hood of her car in the pouring rain. Did she actually say no fetishes?

A Sexy Day Just Got Hotter!