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8 Bosom Buddies & Sexy Shower Time

8 Bosom Buddies & Hawt Shower Time

8 Bosom Buddies & Hawt Shower Time

An all-star cast of top SCORE and Voluptuous Beauties powers On Location North Coast-The Clip. Called the huge on-location movie since Bumpers Ahoy! 2000 Boob Cruise, North Coast stars Alexya, Codi Vore, Daria, Demmy Blaze, Kitty Cute, Sha Rizel and the Star sisters, Erin and Helen.

In the opener, Codi Vore arrives at the island retreat where this babe excitedly meets the other cuties who will form a stacked sorority during their stay. They assemble to check out a particular long distance message from TSG Miami on the bigger in size than standard screen TV that will explain why they were sent plane tickets to the island.

“Good morning, ladies, and welcome to North Coast in the impressive Dominican Republic. My name is Dave, the editor of SCORE and Voluptuous magazine and you are the highest Big-Boob cuties in the world. The most precious of the foremost. We have gathered you here for a very special reason. All of you are elite. Al of u are fantasy angels and this is your fantasy villa. It’s all yours to have enjoyment for the next week. The house, the pool, the beach…this week, it is your playground.

“But you’ve been gathered here for one more reason. We’re looking for a covergirl for a specific issue of SCORE magazine. You’re not the merely ones who are here. We have likewise flown in our photographers, videographers and makeup artists. Over the next numerous days, each of u will be assigned various challenges. The goddess who is judged the winner by our team of editors and videographers will be judged the winner and will acquire the cover! So, cuties, are u willing? Worthwhile luck and have a great week!”

The 1st to receive their challenge are Sha and Alexya and it takes place in the shower. Watching the 2 receive soaked and soapy, Codi receives lustful and joins in.

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