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4 Hands

4 Hands 4 Hands
4 Hands @
Shout out time! Hi Dan in Missouri, u bigger in size than standard ol’ sissy! 🙂 And Darren in New Jersey! And Tom in Oregon! And Jason in far-away, exotic Hawaii! I know you’re my monumental fan Jason, and yeah, you can be a cuckold any aged time u crave! Hee hee! And HELLO EVERYBODY! Lad, do I *luv* this week’s update! I call it 4 Hands, and I suppose you can guess why…hey, all you white boyz out there! How many hands to cover your pee-pee? One? Maybe two? Well, take a watch what me and Lext ran into at the convience store across the street from my apartment! That stud has a name, but I guess from now on that guy shall be named 4 Hands, and that’s that! Observe Lexi gasp when 4 Hands pulls out all 12 inches of his colossal ramrod. Petticoat chaser do our vaginas "talk" during this scene! HE-HE. Anyways, enjoy enjoy relish, and we’ll be talking another time soon! And keep up with those e-mails….reading your mail makes my day, even if I do not have time to answer them all! ; – ) XOXO — Spring
4 Hands 4 Hands
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