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Stacy Kiss – Locker Room Lust

Locker Room Lust

Locker Room Lust

Tell us where u are, Stacy!
“I’m in a locker room. I’ve had plenty of sex in locker rooms before, so this is plenty of joy for me. In fact, my 1st kiss and my 1st pussy-licking experience were in one.”

We need to hear more about that!
“Okay, well, we were all hawt and perspired from doing a mile run. I saw her checking out my wazoo in the group shower so I strolled over and started talking to her. We waited until everybody left, and we made out beneath the shower head. It was the 1st time I ever felt someone else’s wet crack. It was so different and yet familiar.”

So, what did u do next?
“Since we had the locker room to ourselves this babe laid me down on the bench and ate my still-dripping-wet love tunnel until I came. It was astounding! That babe knew exactly how to flick my clit and finger me until I was weak in the knees. I was nervous about returning the favor, but I figured it could not hurt to try. I ended up having such a nice time. Her pussy tasted so different than mine, but not in a bad way. This babe squirted, also. That made my pussy man juice all over one time more. We kept hooking up until we graduated.”

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Doreen – Irish Lass’ Ass

Irish Lass’ Butt

Irish Lass' Ass

Lives: Belfast, Ireland; Occupation: Wannabe fashion model; Age: Nineteen; Born: April 8; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Boy shorts; Anal: All the time; BJs: Gulp everything; Diddle: Yep.

We got these pix of Doreen submitted by an dilettante photographer in Belfast. He didn’t crave us to publish his name ‘coz he normally shoots weddings and that lady-killer doesn’t urge to scare away clients. Watch, that charmer told us that he was feeling indeed lascivious and put an advert up looking for aspiring fashion glamour models. This ladies man wanted to bonk a hawt, stupid piece of ass. Doreen answered the ad and after a slight in number minutes, a tiny in number guys and a little convincing, that babe was exposed down and her slit was gaping in front of his digi camera. What a fuckin’ hero!

“Doreen was a pleasing girl,” our mystery photographer said us. “She only hesitated taking off her top. But I said her we were shooting very tasteful and artistic nudes for her stripped modeling portfolio. In a short time her panties were sliding up into her wet crack and she was fingering herself on my floor. It is awesome what a little coaching can do to a domina in front of a digi camera. We had a brief romantic encounter after I took those shots. That babe kept urging me to finger her arse during the time that this babe was riding my dong. Who would have thought this virginal, aspiring model could get so messy? Ah, well, I suppose I did. Please enjoy her pictures.”

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Kelly Kay – Family Ties

Family Ties

Family Ties

You know how they say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?” And you know how they say, “If u wish to know what your wife is intend to look love in 20 years, check out her mom”? Well, investigate Kelly Kay’s Mom. Yeah, we learned where that babe got her precious looks (and king-size milk cans) from. And we know that Kelly is gonna stay smokin’ for a lengthy time to come. We’ve a lot to thank Jane, Kelly’s 46-year-old Mom for. Adore, giving birth to Kelly Kay. And getting exposed next to her, just for us!

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Giaoni Whiley – No Name Needed

No Name Needed

No Name Needed

“What’s your name afresh?” our skirt chaser asks Giaoni in advance of their scene begins. “Does it fucking matter?” she replies.

Not indeed. It’s inconsequential when there is this much vagina tongueing, chocolate hole fingering, cock sucking, hardcore banging, knob riding and face blasting going on. You might not remember her name, which is pronounced love Johnny, but you’ll definitely remember this newbie’s skills in the sack.

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Giaoni Whiley – Juicy Georgia Peach

Damp Georgia Peach

Juicy Georgia Peach

Occupation: First-year student; Age: 21; Born: February 2; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: I have got a fetish; Anal: Not all the way; BJs: I spit and drink; Diddle: Certainly!

“I’m just a Georgia angel who is looking for a fine time,” Giaoni (pronounced Johnny) said us. “That’s why I gave you men a call. I am gorgeous set in my ways and I discovered myself in the same routine. Now do not receive me wrong. I love going to the river and having bonfires with my allies every weekend, but I wanted a little bit of adventure. And in my opinion no thing says adventure love taking a larger than standard shlong on-camera! I couldn’t wait to watch how fine a experienced Lothario and his equipment could make my cum-hole feel.”

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Lila Rose – Show Off

Show Off

 Brandish Off

Tell us about yourself, Lila!
“There’s not much to tell. I’m your run-of-the-mill teenage hotty. I have a higher than normal sex drive, I think. That is what led me here. I’ve always been shoving the boundaries when it comes to sex. In fact, my sex drive acquires me in a predicament. I was not the almost any popular person in school, so I found a hubby who could distract me. If I was not in the mood for class I would excuse myself and text him to meet me in the halls. I’d engulf his ramrod or let him copulate me in the washroom. I would acquire busted when I went back to homeroom ‘coz there’d be cum on my lips, or I would receive detention for not wearing belts. The teachers by no means knew what to do with me!”

It sounds like you are a real wild-card, Lila. But u look so virginal!
“Yeah, that’s what gets me with out a predicament! This once I got busted for having anal dance on stage after classes were dismissed. I was hanging out in the drama room with my boy, and things started getting sexy and enormous. I suggested that we receive up on stage and pretend adore we’re screwing for an audience. I was on my knees with his ramrod down my mouth and his testicles slapping my chin in a matter of minutes. Then I bent over a stage ottoman and invited him to fuck me any way he wanted. I felt his fingers slide in my a-hole and then the tip of his jock. It wasn’t lengthy before this chab was pumping away adore a batty guy! It was a little painful at 1st, but I rubbed my cookie and used that as lube for his shaft. Then, suddenly, the lights came on, and I saw the principal standing behind us!”

How much bother were you in?
“That’s the humorous part! Right when the lights turned on, I felt my buck blasting his nuts unfathomable into my backdoor. It felt so worthwhile! Then, my hubby panicked and ran. He left me there! The principal turned around and let me get dressed. I gave him puppy-dog eyes and started to sniffle and cry. The dude felt so bad that I was abandoned by a teenage darksome hole that this chab said me he was not going to tell anyone, and that I should have more wondrous judgement. I still had hot cum running with out my rectal hole and down my leg!”

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Maddison Lee – A Real Amateur

A Real Non-professional

A Real Amateur

Maddison is an non-professional. She’s not a adult model. She could be your neighbour. This babe is not a dunky, little teen. She’s a 33-year-old female with the kind of body that you’d expect to watch on a coworker or a buddy’s wife. That is why we adore her. Well, that and the fact that that babe can’t live without making her ass jiggle and bounce while bending over for the digi camera! Investigate her thick a-hole and constricted fur pie. Imagine that it is your wang slamming into her succulent holes instead of her fingers and that it’s your beefy strokes bringing her to bigger in size than run of the mill O instead of her diddling. That babe craves u to do that for her. Think you are up to the defiance?

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Amara added to


Added on: 10/14/2014
Age: Twenty
Height: 5’1
Figure: 32B-24-34
Location: Russian Federation

Sample Pics/Vids of Amara
Description: Fashionable and slight Amara is solely 20 years aged, but has the sexual appetite of a grown female! This lustful go-go dancer has enchanting pink puffy nipples, a big round booty, and a flexible plump twat that creams with delight when she thinks about u masturbating!